Ornithine, Arginine and Their Effects on HGH

Your immune system, digestion of food and rate of healing are all affected by the human growth hormone or HGH.

If you have a deficiency in the said hormone, you will be risking skin damage as well as muscle loss.

You can prevent this from happening by taking amino acid supplements that have ornithine and arginine.

  • Ornithine – waste products in the body like ammonia are removed with the help of ornithine. A report in Hormone Research in 1985 stated that giving this amino acid to test subjects in good health before sleep increased HGH production. Recent studies have also shown that even without sleeping the effects can be felt. In the Journal of Nutrition’s September 1996 issue observed the effects of ornithine of traumatized and healthy rats. The animals were given a diet which included ten percent of this amino acid. This test lasted for four days. The result was an increase in the HGH levels of both the injured and healthy animals. There was no toxicity observed in both groups.
  • Arginine – this amino acid plays a vital role in cell division. It is very necessary in healing wounds. These effects are mediated when the levels of the human growth hormones are increased. These results were published in the Neuroscience Bulletin June 2011 edition. Test studies on human subjects showed that arginine also raised the levels of the human growth hormone. In April 2005, a report published in Growth Hormone and IGF Research tested the effects of different doses of arginine supplements. This test was done in four sessions. Groups of healthy men were given a placebo and three doses of arginine. The result was five to nine grams of arginine increased the levels of the human growth hormone. The highest dose, thirteen grams did not have any effects on HGH levels, just stomach cramps.

Ornithine and Arginine

Manufacturers of supplements often combine multiple amino acids in one product. A review in Medical Hypotheses May 2001 issue said that there is a larger impact on your body if such combinations were taken.

In the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (April 2010 issue), there was an assessment of the effect of ornithine and arginine combined.

The test subjects were given the combination or a placebo for three weeks. They also completed a program of resistance exercise in those three weeks.

ornithine-arginine supplementDuring an exercise challenge, it was shown that the ornithine-arginine supplement indeed raised the growth hormone levels more than the placebo.

There were no changes in the base levels of HGH of the subjects during the study. They also did not experience any side effects from using the combination of ornithine and arginine.

The human growth hormone levels of a person can indeed be raised by using ornithine, arginine or a combination of both.

Talk to your doctor to learn more about using these amino acids. Once they boost your HGH levels, you will also experience other health benefits like higher energy levels and stronger immunity to illnesses.

Important Vitamins For Semen Enhancement

Vitamins give us so many health benefits. We need a lot of them when we are trying to conceive with our partner.

You need to make sure you don’t just eat healthy foods, but you also have to take your vitamin and other health supplements for semen enhancement. This can also make sure that your baby will be very healthy.

You also need to make certain that you get the vitamins you need at their required dosage so that motility and count of your sperm can give you higher chances of conception.

Vitamins For Semen Enhancement

  • Antioxidants – the most important antioxidants that can destroy the free radicals that enter your system are Vitamins C and E. They prevent cell damage from happening by expelling toxins. Not only do they prevent you from becoming sick, they also make sure you maintain a high sperm count. They also make sure your sperm are safe and undamaged. The sperm’s motility is improved by Vitamin E. If you have enough in your system, then your chances of having your sperm implanted in your partner’s egg are higher. You can get your daily recommended dosage of both Vitamin C and E from a normal multivitamin, but you can take them separately if the doctor recommends that you should.
  • taking vitaminsVitamin B-12 – Our body needs vitamin B-12 for many reasons. It enhances your body’s ability to process food into energy. It also promotes the growth of healthy skin and hair. The nervous system also gets a boost from Vitamin B-12. It is also very important to male fertility for two important reasons. Vitamin B-12 enhances the production of RNA and DNA cells. These are the cells that have your genes. Motility and sperm count can also be raised by Vitamin B-12. You can take a supplement for this vitamin especially if you don’t have enough animal products in your diet.
  • Vitamin D – The percentage of your motile sperm can be raised if you take a Vitamin D supplement. It will improve your fertility, too. It is important to take your Vitamin D supplements especially if you don’t stay under the sun for a while or have Vitamin D-rich foods in your diet. A study of 300 men made by researchers in the Copenhagen University Hospital and the University of Copenhagen in 2011 showed that men with higher levels of Vitamin D had an increase in their sperm motility.
  • Selenium – the motility and sperm count can be enhanced when you take Selenium supplements. It is an antioxidant which helps in the formation of proteins that are the building blocks of sperm. It also prevents free radicals from damaging the tissues. January 2009’s edition of The Journal of Neurology notes that male fertility can be enhanced by using Selenium.

Give your supplements enough time to work, at least for several weeks before you try to conceive.

Make sure you and your partner talk to your doctor so you can get all the information you need.

Not Just Your Weight Loss Supplement: Raspberry Ketones

We all have health issues that we try to research so that we can find out the best ways to improve them.

We all try to search the best supplements and food we eat in order to lose weight and be at optimum health.

Enzymes are found in different kinds in the different foods that we eat. Amidst all the required enzymes, there are a few with wonderful capabilities, like raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones are found in the red raspberry and have so many health benefits.

weight lossWe have a lot of misconceptions about raspberry ketones. We usually think it is only for weight loss. It isn’t just a pill to help you lose the extra flab, however.

It has so many other benefits. It may be considered as a weight loss agent, because it helps you to burn the fat more efficiently.

The Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

We’ve already said that raspberry ketones give us more benefits than just helping us lose weight faster and more effectively. However, these ketones have more amazing powers that can benefit us.

  • No negative side effects – since the raspberry ketones are made only from one hundred percent natural ingredients, you won’t have a single side effect to worry about. It will not do your body any harm; up till now, there have been no reports of people having any problems while they were using the supplement.
  • General health benefits – many ancient civilizations have protected raspberries. They have taken care to always have this fruit handy. This is because they had always known its beneficial healing properties. This is why raspberries are part of the category known as super fruits. Raspberry ketones are extracted directly from the fruit itself. That’s why you will get not just digestive benefits, but your respiratory system will also be improved by it.

Raspberry ketones have a high amount of antioxidants present. They are compounds that protect the cells from damage caused by toxins from the environment, and especially from the food we eat.

It also stimulates adiponectin production. This hormone promotes the metabolism’s speed and also makes the body less prone to type 2 diabetes.

Similar to aspirin, raspberry ketones are anti-inflammatory. If you have just gone through a very rough workout session, you won’t have to deal with too much swelling and pain.

The diet industry is a comparatively new one. That’s the reason why there are so many companies trying to claim our attention.

This is the reason why they produce really amazing products. This is also why in the challenge to prove they are worthy, many companies give you a money back guarantee.

This is to show you that they are honest and if they can’t fulfill your expectations, you will be compensated.

However, raspberry ketones have already made their mark out of all the competitors and rivals it has.

This is because they have already shown their effectiveness when paired with a good lifestyle, a good exercise and diet plan and strong will.

Find out more information about raspberry ketone here: http://raspberryketoneadvice.com/

Sexercises: Male Enhancement The Natural Way

Male enhancement can be done using the so-called “sexercises.” This is according to an article in Fox News. It can give both partners much higher levels of intimate sexual satisfaction.

The pubococcygeal muscles which can be found at the base of your penis are conditioned using male enhancement exercises.

These can also give you a much better control on premature ejaculation. It can also enhance your sexual stamina. Specific male enhancement exercises also help to boost your penis size.

Male Enhancement Exercises

  • Ballooning – you can have more control over ejaculation and increase your penis size using this exercise. Five times a day is the recommended number to do this per day, according to the Ayurvedic cure Library. You do this by masturbating until you reach the point of ejaculation. Squeeze the top of your penis with your palm during orgasm to stop ejaculation. If you control your ejaculation this way, your penis size will increase accordingly. The reason for this is it raises the sponginess of the penile tissues. This increases the amount of material that can be filled with blood when you have an erection.
  • Flex and Hold – you can shoot semen further and enhance orgasms if you increase the strength of your pubococcygeal muscles. Flex your pubococcygeal muscles and hold them as tightly as you can for ten seconds or as long as you can. Relax for sixty seconds then repeat the procedure. Do the exercise at least three times each day. Keep trying to hold your pubococcygeal muscles as tightly as you can for one minute.
  • jelqingJelqing – this technique is also called milking. It is a natural and effective method for enlarging the size of your penis. You need to arouse yourself until your penis is erect to about seventy or eighty percent. Place lubricant on the shaft. It’s better to have a generous amount. Use your fingers to make a ring on the base of your penis. Use your thumb and middle finger, or your index finger to make an ok symbol. Put pressure on the base of your penis for several seconds then tug gently on the shaft. Stroke down towards the tip with the same amount of pressure. You must reach the glans after three or four seconds, and not less. Stop at the head, while still forming an ok symbol with your fingers. While still holding that position, grip the base once more with the other hand, forming another ok symbol. Release the hand that is holding on to the head and do another stroke with the other hand. One hundred jelq strokes are recommended for beginners. You can increase this to five hundred strokes after an initial practice of thirty days.

It’s not only you who can benefit from these male enhancement techniques. Your partner will also have an increased level of pleasure.

These will take some time to work because they are natural methods. However, you will find that they are very effective because they are true and tested.

More information about male enhancement: http://maleenhancementcentre.com/

The Penis Pump and its Potential Side Effects

The average male often thinks several times in a day whether his penis is sufficient enough for providing satisfaction to his partner in the bedroom, or any other place where he wishes to have sex.

This can be a truly annoying thought to carry around in the back of one’s mind, especially when one wishes to make sure that he is well equipped to be a sexual maestro.

After all, which man in the world doesn’t want to make sure his partner receives the best sexual experience possible, one that comes from him entirely?

Of course, the main challenge is that some men out there aren’t really born with a sizeable penis. While some would think they’re just a little under average size because of certain insecurities, others are practically tiny.

It’s because of such situations that devices like the penis pump have been developed in order to remedy such frustrations.

penis pumpsPenis pumps are devices which are used by males to get bigger and harder erections in order to provide utmost sexual satisfaction to his partner.

These devices are operated by batteries and actually utilize a small vacuum which stimulates the penis into having increased blood flow.

It also breaks down the tiny skin cells of the penis and multiplies them several times, thus making the penis much larger even when it is flaccid.

However, there are some people out there who are quite worried about using penis pumps because of the potential side effects that they’ve heard about. However, these are only true when the device is misused.

For those who wish to know what improper usage of the device can lead to, below are the list of possible side effects.

  1. Further using the penis enlargement device can lead to a bit of discomfort when misused. In fact, some people who have always wanted to get much bigger penises tend to overuse it to the point where in their penises have suffered from some abrasions or even bruises. At times, the penis would feel quite numb and not a hint of pleasure would be experienced when masturbating or even having sex.
  2. Some men have complained that their penis feels rather cold and numb to the touch after using such a device. Of course, this is only true whenever there is some form of abuse on the device. The skin cells of the penis can only be broken down and multiplied to a certain extent, and one has to know his limits. This is the ultimate flaw of nearly every human being – being discontent with what they are limited to.
  3. There may be some red spots seen around the shaft of the penis. This is actually the result of blood vessels that were damaged because of overuse. Some swelling may even take place, although it can gradually disappear after having not used the pump for a certain amount of time.

These are the side effects of penis pump abuse. The good news is that these are temporary and will eventually reside.

However, if one doesn’t realize his limits, surgery may be required to treat any damage caused on the penile gland.

How To Spot HGH Deficiency

The pituitary gland naturally produces HGH or the human growth hormone in your body. It is a tiny gland, about the size of a dime.

However, the release and production of HGH in your blood is a very vital function that it has to do.

If you have HGH deficiency or GHD (growth hormone deficiency) then it can have adverse effects on your emotional health as well as physical development. You can have GHD deficiencies corrected using supplementary hormones.

What Are The Signs Of HGH Deficiency?

  • Changes in body shape – people who have GHD consistently have low muscle tone. Another addition to this is obesity. There is also a possibility of muscle weakness. Both children and adults can have HGH deficiency. You may gain weight suddenly and lose muscle mass. A large percentage of the extra flab in adults can be found in the midsection. In children, you may find them in the abdomen and face.
  • Low Energy – you may lack energy if you are suffering from conditions or illnesses that are linked to low HGH levels. This can be seen in lower physical and mental energy. It can also be linked to hypogonadism. This is a health problem in which you will find your testosterone levels going down. It can decrease your sex drive. You will feel unmotivated, depressed and the hobbies and activities you used to do will not hold any pleasure or excitement any longer.
  • hgh deficiencyShort Stature – this is the most easy to recognize out of all the symptoms of HGH deficiency. Children who do not reach the appropriate height and size on their physical charts in accordance to chronological age may exhibit growth hormone disorder. This is also true of children who grow less than two inches per year. Children who develop normally usually grow two to two point five inches per year. If they have very low levels of HGH may have other delays in physical development. Their puberty may be delayed or teeth can be cut at a much later time. The signs of HGH deficiency usually are not visible until they are toddlers. This is between the ages of two and three.
  • Blood Tests – in order to determine if you indeed have Human Growth Hormone deficiency, blood tests are performed. There are a number of tests that are normally done to look for signs of HGH abnormalities. One of these is IGF-1 or the insulin-like growth factor. There are also tests that can measure the levels of growth as well as thyroid hormones. One of the most important you have to get is thyroid testing. Low levels of thyroid hormones can cause similar symptoms as HGH. It may be the culprit as to why you have growth problems, so eliminate it first. Hormone levels also vary based on your gender and age.

Talk to your doctor about the numbers of your hormone levels that are specific to your age and gender. This will eliminate your anxieties regarding HGH deficiency.

Natural Semen Enhancement Tips That Really Work

Semen enhancement can be done in a variety of ways. There are really great natural procedures you can use that are very effective.

They may take a little bit of time to work, but the results are good, and you don’t need to worry about any damage to your systems or body.

How To Induce Semen Enhancement Naturally

  • eating meatDiet and Eating Habit Changes – what you eat naturally affects your health. It may be for good, or may cause illness. This includes your sexual health, primarily your sperm count. If you have a lot of processed foods in your diet that have trans fats like chips, snacks and baked goods, then your sperm count will be lower. If you have a lot of organic fruits and leafy green vegetables and meat, then your sperm count will be higher. This is because the foods mentioned above have a large amount of zinc and Vitamin E. They also don’t have pesticides that can harm your health.
  • Lifestyle Changes – if you drink too much alcohol or are a die hard smoker, then these habits can have a negative impact on your sperm count. Twenty cigarettes every single day will lower your sperm count, the same way too much alcohol does. You might have other problems too, like erectile dysfunction or lower sex drive if you smoke or drink excessively. Try to lessen your alcohol intake and smoking to promote healthy sperm and better motility.
  • Reduce Stress – once stress hormone levels are high, your sperm can be destroyed. Increase your semen volume by lowering your stress. This can be done by light exercise, deep breathing and meditation. Don’t overdo the exercise however, since this can also cause problems in sperm production.
  • Don’t Stay Too Hot – if you stay in a hot environment for too long, your testicles may be unable to produce enough sperm. This greatly reduces your semen volume. You can make minor changes that can have big effects on enhancing your semen and sperm. Wear clothes that don’t fit too close to your body, like boxers. Briefs can smother the testicles, so air will not be able to flow freely in your genital area. Don’t stay in hot places like the sauna or in hot tubs. Showers are preferable to baths. After a hot shower, place a cool cloth on your testicles. This will stimulate blood flow and sperm buildup.
  • Give It Time – you need some time to build up your semen and sperm again after ejaculation. This is true if you ejaculate quite frequently. Sperm usually gets recycled and then formed every twenty four to thirty six hours. That’s why you need to make sure you refrain from masturbation or having intercourse for the next two or three days after ejaculation. This gives your testicles time to increase your sperm and semen volume.

Semen can be enhanced using natural methods. Your emotional and mental outlook must always be positive to make sure you’re on the right track.

Raspberry Ketones: Not Just For Weight Loss

raspberry ketone supplementsRaspberry ketones are an active compound and natural phenolic from the red raspberry. It is found in cosmetics and perfume and is also used as food flavoring.

It was fully investigated by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1965. This was done to ascertain the safety of using raspberry ketones for the general populace.

After the investigation is was awarded FDA GRAS (Federal Drug Administration Generally Rated As Safe) status. This means it was approved as a safe product to use.

Weight Loss

Links to weight loss have been connected to raspberry ketone for the past five years. Life Science made a study in 2005 which stated that ketones are the ones that help to increase fat breakdown in humans.

Another study in 2008 showed that ketones that were extracted from raspberries had antioxidants that were similar to capsaicin and synephrine.

These are the antioxidants believed to turn fat into energy. It also helps increase weight loss because it increases a person’s energy levels.

If your energy level increases, then so will your stamina when you exercise. Acai berry and green tea help to boost the strength of raspberry ketones when they are combined.


Raspberry ketones also play a huge role in protecting the body from diseases and cell damage. This is due to the antioxidants it has.

The body is encouraged by the supplement to create a hormone which can defend the body against type 2 diabetes.

Fatty plaque in the arteries and liver are also reduced. Serious liver conditions such as cancer and cirrhosis are kept at bay when you use raspberry ketones.


Ehime University made a study which showed that raspberry ketones may also help females who have breast cancer. Again, this is because of the antioxidants within the raspberry ketones.

They are called anti-cancer agents by the scientists who undertook the study. It doesn’t cure cancer, but it is believed to heighten a woman’s chances to survive the disease after being treated.

And More Benefits

Raspberry ketones have one very big benefit. Their effect on the human body doesn’t take a lot of time.

If you combine an exercise plan, healthy diet and raspberry ketones regularly, improved health and weight loss may be possible in a fortnight or fourteen days. This is according to a study made by Harvard University.

There are many studies that have shown raspberry ketones are very useful in causing you to have a general improvement of your health, prevention of many illnesses and being a solid reason in losing weight.

It was judged in the past that you would have to eat the ripe fruit of an entire bush of red raspberry in order to get the correct dosage of raspberry ketones your body requires.

For a noticeable improvement on energy levels, the dosage must be triple. This is why the raspberry ketones used to be so expensive.

However, technology and time have made production of this supplement much reduced so it has now become more affordable.

Herbal Male Enhancement

There are so many products for male enhancement on the market these days. You can look through so many kinds, but we’ll focus on the herbs that can help with male enhancement.

Some of these can help to cure conditions and some illnesses.

There are also herbs that can help you enhance your sexual performance and achieve your goal of organ enhancement.

  1. Catauba BarkCatauba Bark – this herb is from the Amazon Rainforest. It is taken from a tree that is native to that area. For many years, it has been used as to generally revitalize the nervous system. It also improves functions of the brain and reduces anxiety. You will have an improvement on your sleep patterns and sexual function will be boosted. Older men ranging from the age of sixty to ninety take this herb to improve sexual health in Brazil. It works despite your age. Ideal dosage for this herb is 1000 to 2000 milligrams daily.
  2. Muira Pauma Bark – this product also derives from rainforests in Africa and South America. It also improves the nervous system and cures sexual dysfunction. It is also used to treat rheumatism, beri beri and paralysis. The daily recommended dosage is 1500 milligrams a day.
  3. Saw Palmetto Berry – this berry is commonly used to treat urinary or urological problems. Using this can bring your enlarged prostate back to normal size. It also helps to make urination easier and increase sexual function significantly. This herb is also ideal because it has no known side effects. The daily dosage is 320 milligrams.
  4. Hawthorn Berry – this herb has long been used to ease heart problems. It strengthens the heart muscles to make it pump blood more effectively and increase blood circulation. This results in more blood moving to the penis. This in turn makes your erection harder and fuller. One thing to consider is if you have a low blood pressure condition. You should consult your doctor if you want to use it. The suggested daily dosage is 160-190 milligrams.
  5. Horny Goat Weed – another name for this herb is epimedium leaf. The common name was given to it by goat herders. They noticed an increase in the sexual activity of their charges when they eat this herb. Chinese doctors usually prescribe this herb to people who are suffering from sexual dysfunction. Your libido and vitality will increase. It affects not just men, but women, too. It can lessen discomfort caused by menopause and restore sexual function. Daily dose is 1000-2000 milligrams.
  6. Gingko Biloba – This plant can improve memory and brain functions, and increase blood flow capacity. So you will have great improvement in your entire body from the increased nutrients and oxygen. You can have harder and fuller erections because of strengthened blood flow. The daily recommended dose is 120-160 milligrams per day.

Herbs can help with male enhancement and at the same time, give you other benefits naturally. Talk to your doctor to choose which one works best for you.

How Men Can Use a Penis Pump

There are indeed a lot of men out there in the world who believe that their penises are pretty much smaller than the average size.

They would often feel that they’re sexually inadequate for their partners, wondering if they really did provide the kind of satisfaction there is to be had from sex.

Having a small-sized penis can indeed cause a person to have low self-confidence, and this can affect them emotionally as well as psychologically.

It is because of this reason that many males in the world are looking to avail of any means necessary just so their penises would get bigger and longer. While there are several methods made available, one of the most effective ways to do so is to use a penis pump.

The use of a penis pump, also known as a penis extender or a penis enlarger, can be very effective in giving men genitals which they could be proud of.

These are considered to be highly safe for use as well, often coming highly recommended by the world’s foremost physicians and scientists.

There are many of them sold in the market nowadays to fulfill the wishes of men to acquire bigger penises. Of course, one would have to wonder how these devices are used.

If so, below are some additional pieces of information regarding penis pumps.

  1. penis pumpPenis pumps actually work by causing partial vacuums for the penis as it is inserted into the device. All the air is then sucked out using a pump, and this leads to the increase of blood flow in the penis, which then leads it to expand in size. Of course, once one removes the chamber, the penis will then gradually shrink back to the normal size in its erect state. However, such a shrinkage is prevented through the use of a tight ring that’s placed around the penis’ base, thereby preventing the return of blood flow. After a while, the ring will then be removed once the male wishes to get back to his flaccid state.
  2. Penis pumps can also be used to remedy any form of erectile dysfunction. In some cases, men turn impotent simply because there isn’t enough blood being pumped into their genitals, thus making it nearly impossible for them to experience an erection despite their urges to have sex. Of course, using such devices will improve the situation and will allow men to finally acquire the erections they’ve long for ever since.
  3. The great thing about penis pumps is that it can also be used for masturbating. After all, the vacuum that the devices cause can lead to a highly satisfying and pleasurable experience for men. In fact, some of these devices come with some additional features such as enhanced vibration to help men ejaculate.

These are just some of the things that men need to know about penis pumps if they’re ever wondering how they can use it to increase the size of their manhood.